Who we are

Two Portuguese and a Dane walk into a bar. This could be the start of a corny joke, but luckily for us, was the beginning of the most exciting journey of our lives.

Living abroad and being football-freaks we felt even further away from our clubs. Of course we wouldn’t miss a match on TV and we’d keep up with the news, but it didn’t feel the same. So we wondered: how many more fans are there like us? Where are they? And more importantly, did our clubs know about us?

We made sure we’d answer those questions and solve that problem for millions of other football fans all around the world. Combining our football passion with our technical expertise we built the very first app totally focused on football fans and their relationship with their clubs.

Who are we? We are entrepreneurs, we are dreamers, we are creators. We are football fans. We are LoudStand.

Power to football fans

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We are technology positivists. We believe technology and innovation can bring us new solutions for old problems. Like LoudStand. An online platform that aims to make a real change in the offline world.


We see football as an inclusive and social phenomenon. That's why football is nothing without the ones that make it the world's most popular sport: the fans. With LoudStand, we aim to bring the fans and clubs together on a global dimension.


We're a company made of people and made for people. We value passion and perspective over experience and that's why we care more about who you are rather than what you know. And that's how we want LoudStand to grow.


Meet the LoudStanders

Diogo Agostinho


Alberto Conceição


Esben Von Buchwald