LoudStand’s Rebranding: same brand, a new face

2019 has been a really exciting year for us. One year after our first experiment with the LoudStand BETA web-app during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we are now very close to launching the “LoudStand” app: faster, with new features, a new architecture and a new image. At the same time, we are establishing a series of partnerships with football clubs and other entities, which are helping us grow and establish ourselves within “fan engagement analytics” industry. 2019 has also brought us a new website and a maturation of our strategic communication. As for the team, we welcomed Esben, our new CTO, and moved our office from Aarhus to Copenhagen, having established the company in Denmark. We have also been fortunate to have found a number of people who also believe in the value and mission of LoudStand. That’s why it was with great joy that we received a fund of 180,000 Danish crowns (about 24,000 Euros) from Innovation Fund Denmark, that has allowed us to take off.

As I said, 2019 has been really exciting for us. And we will certainly talk about all the news that I described above, but today we are talking about another, no less important, issue: the rebranding and new image of LoudStand.

LoudStand's identity

From the beginning we were very concerned about our image. The truth is that we really believe in the importance of good visual communication. Not only because of how effective it can be telling our story, but also because it allows us to establish more empathic relationships with our users and partners. LoudStand is made by people and for people. More importantly, by football supporters and for football supporters. And we know how strong the emotions of those who do not spend a day away from their team can be. This was what we had in mind when in January we began to design what would become the new image of LoudStand.

The creative process
The pitch, the football and the main circle. This was the starting point for the new LoudStand logo. In addition, and perhaps because of the daily contact we have with the famous “scandinavian design”, we decided to go with a minimalist style which, in our opinion, would bring some freshness to our communication. So we started by trying to put the three elements together. Using the football trajectory, we drew the main circle of the pitch. As for the grass, we used our green gradient. We enjoyed the end result but … we were still only 90% satisfied.

The old app icon on the left and the first sketch of the new one on the right
Dropped the fan, added the scarf
Although the pitch, the football and the main circle were elements that anyone could relate to football, the truth is they were all too broad. LoudStand is about football, but above all about football fans. That is why we wanted to be more thorough in choosing an element that would put the fan above all else. Reusing the work that we had been developing, we decided to give it a final touch and add the scarf as the best representative element of the relationship between the fan and the club.

The new app icon
Looking into the future

Today we are happy with our new image. We knew the professionalization of our visual communication was crucial and that’s why we are satisfied with the end result. Once we agreed on the app icon, we compiled a brand book that is now a daily tool for our design and communication. We also kept the “Fandom Elevating Football” moto. Here’s some examples of how these new design guidelines are being applied and how we’re using it on our branded communication:


Example of the new logo applied

Either online, offline or soon on the app we’re lauching… see you around!


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